SASI's and NCFGA's NRA BoD election recommendations, for 2019


   As usual, we've jointly created a list of outstanding candidates, for this year's NRA BoD election and recommend that you vote only for each of those on our list. The details can be found in the attached PDF.


NRA election recs.pdf (390.9KB)

    For those of you, who have not had the opportunity to view the NRA’s BoD election results, I’m providing them, here, in the attached PDF.
    SASI and NCFGA are very pleased to note that not only were 21 of the 27 candidates, who SASI and NCFGA endorsed, elected but 10 of them were the top 10 vote gatherers.

NRA election results, vote count.pdf (11.6KB)NRA election results, vote count.pdf (11.6KB)
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