Crossbow crunch time - UPDATE

This just came to me, by E-mail.


I am pleased to report that the 2014-15 NYS Budget – pending final approval by the Legislature - will make crossbows a legal hunting implement once again in New York State.
The budget language will allow crossbow use for all small game and any big game season that includes firearms. We will also have crossbow use in the last 14 days of the Southern Zone and the last 10 days of the Northern Zone early archery seasons. In addition, the archery set back is changed to 150' for archery and 250' for crossbows. Unfortunately, Suffolk and Westchester counties are once again eliminated from the crossbow inclusion.   
More will be forthcoming in an official press release.
Congratulations to all and I thank everyone that made the calls, sent emails and wrote letters to get us to this point.
Best Regards,
Rick McDermott
New York Crossbow Coalition
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