National Hunting & Fishing Day Expo

   This year will be the 42nd year, in which SASI is sponsoring the National Hunting and Fishing Day Expo, for NYS Regions 1 and 2. This event is open to the general public. There are no admission, parking or other charges, for the general public to attend this event.
   As in the last 15+ years, we will be holding it at the NYS DEC's Co-op Property, in Ridge.
   If you, your club(s) or other organization(s) would like to participate, we are currently accepting applications, for vendors and exhibitors. If you would like to present yourself or your organization(s), in a family-oriented environment, this is the place.
   If you or your organization were a SASI member, on the day BEFORE this notice was posted (7/9/13), there is no charge for your space. You may bring your own table(s), chair(s) and/or overhead cover or rent table(s) and chairs, from SASI.
  The vendor's/exhibitor's application, with fee schedule and rules, is attached, as a PDF. I hope to see you there, as a vendor/exhibitor or public attendee.

Vendor's & exhibitor's forms, complete.pdf (716.07 kb)

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